Addicted to Tickler

I am addicted to Tickler. There are others out there like me but it's not my place to out anyone. I can only tell my story. You may believe that my use of the word 'addicted' is an exaggeration, but how else would you explain my complete lack of hesitation in spending $11 on one pound of cheese?
But this is no ordinary cheese. First, it's aged English white cheddar, which on it's own is a small gift from the gods. It even says 'fabulous extra mature cheddar' on the label. Fabulous! And labels don't lie. Then(!), there are super spicy chilies and peppers mixed in. One taste of this will ruin even the best pepper jack cheese for you forever. It's good on pretty much everything; sandwiches, hamburgers, nachos. Put a bunch of it in an omelet and it will light your face on fire but you'll be super happy about it.
You might think that one could get tired of the super spicy fabulous white cheddar, but a) no, and b) it's seasonal! You can't even get it for most of the year! Well played, marketing dude, well played. Normally I would rebel against this sort of trickery, not giving in to the evil marketing machine, telling myself that regular old pepper jack is all the spicy cheese I need for that breakfast burrito... but then I remember that sharp cheddar deliciousness and the spicy kick at the end. If loving Tickler is wrong, I don't want to be right.